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About Us

Whilst I was in hospital recovering from my physical injuries, Finlay's father Greg had an idea to start a foundation in Finlay's memory. He knew I would want something positive to do in Finlay's name. He came up with the idea of the daisy for the logo as Finlay would always collect them in his pockets when out walking to give to me. Greg registered the name for a website and left the rest for me to work on once recovered. Thanks to my amazing friend Liz Gray who volunteered to take on the role of treasurer & trustee having worked as a an accountant herself for many years. Liz and I set the charity up and registered with the charity commission. For a few years we ran the charity ourselves raising thousands of pounds for children in need as well as donating to the two air ambulances who attended the accident, donating to the training costs for a swift medic and donating thousands of high visibility jackets to children to promote child safety. 

After 6 years, as the charity donations kept on coming in, I decided it would be best to take on other trustees. Liz had other work commitments and stepped down from her role as treasurer after I found another experienced lady to take over. 

Treasurer & Trustee - Karen Hall, who works as a full time accountant for a school in Salisbury as well as having charity experience. 

Trustees - Niki Connor, Samantha Hodgson & Sandra Birch 

Co Founders - Greg Connor & Niki Connor

All donations go to our treasurer, Mrs Karen Hall and are paid in to The 'Finlay Foundation' Lloyds bank account. 

Many thanks for taking the time to visit the website and your support

Niki xxx